Foaming machine
  Continuous horizontal foaming machine ZPJ1-C
  Foaming machine ZPJ1
  Rotary cutting machine
  horizontal cutting machine(A)ZPJ3
  Disc slice cutting machin ZPJ3-D
  horizontal cutting machine ZPJ3-B
  Hard foam horizontal cutting machine ZPJ3-C
  Block cutting machine ZPJ6
  Rotary cutting machine ZPJ2
  Adhesive laminating machine
  Adhesive laminating machine (type E)
  Dry powder adhesive laminating machine (type B)
  Adhesive transferring laminating machine ZPJ5-F
  Adhesive laminating machine (type D) ZPJ5 hot melting powder laminating
  Adhesive laminating machine (type A) ZPJ5
  Adhesive laminating machine (type C) ZPJ5 screen & belt type
  Blaze laminating machine
  ZPJ4--B blaze laminating machine
  Blaze laminating machine ZPJ4-A
  Peeling machine
  An Introduction to Rotary Softwood Cutter of Model XSRM-1200
  Cork veneer lathe1+002
  Sponge punch
  ZPJ2-D-2000Peeling machine
  XSRM-1600-Cutting machine
Continuous horizontal foaming machine ZPJ1-C


Horizontal foaming: intended for manufacturing flat foamed sponges; production capacity: 130-200kg/min; ground area required for installation: 5m x 40m; operating site: 10m x 50m;

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