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  An Introduction to Rotary Softwood Cutter of Model XSRM-1200
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An Introduction to Rotary Softwood Cutter of Model XSRM-1200

An Introduction to Rotary Softwood Cutter of Model XSRM-1200
一、 Introduction
This cutter, developed firstly by us in China in the year of 2004, is designed for reelingly cutting softwood or rubber-plastic boards, with patented technology of its key parts. Thanks to our plenty study and innovation, this cutter enjoys high reputation among its numerous users. To now, cutters made by us cover 90% of softwood and rubber-plastic products all over China. Meantime, to better serve clients, our factory keeps improving this cutter ceaselessly.
二、 Technical features
1Overall dimensions: 5100x2050x2250mm (mainframe)

2Cutting size: 1250xФ1000mm

3Cutting thickness: 0.5-6mm

4Cutting speed: 0-20m/min

5Total power: 21kw

6Weight: 4700kg

7Cutter size: 10900x80x1.00mm
 Important: This cutter has already been patented and no imitation is tolerated.
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